Thursday, 5 February 2015

Meadowhell Murder Mystery Comics

Meadowhell: Part One The True Horror of Shopping has returned to the top of the Kobo Crime and Mystery and Horror Comic Charts...
This Surreal Murder Mystery was the first in a series that now also includes Spring Heeled Jack, Football Crazy and the Butcher of Banner Cross

Kindle USACanadaAustraliaJapan, UKGermanySpainItaly, FranceBrazilMexico and India


The two issue narrative is also available as separate comics with the rest of CDComics
titles on 

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Butcher of Banner Cross Christmas

Three 32 page issues in b/w and red, or the 96 page Graphic Novel, that introduces a new paranormal investigator 'Punchline'. This is another surreal murder mystery from CDComics and follows the success of previous macabre whodunnits, Meadowhell, Football Crazy and Spring Heeled Jack. 

The three comics and the Graphic Novel Version is available on Kindle USACanadaAustraliaJapan, UKGermanySpainItaly, FranceBrazilMexico and India


The three issue narrative is also available as separate comics with the rest of CDComics
titles on 

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Christmas Gift Comic Downloads $2 or £1.35

CDComics is a Sheffield UK based publisher and currently has 16 titles available to download from various ebook websites that would be make excellent Christmas Gifts.

These comics are great for desktop, tablets and even smartphones and android devices, so why not load a couple of titles on that Christmas present before wrapping it up... or send a download comic using one of the gift giving methods at the sites listed below...

What's not to like for Christmas

Alternatively, just buy one for yourself, they're a fun read for just $2/£1.35 or Euro equivalent and each of the 16 titles has between 32-40 full colour pages

The synopsis and sample pages of each title are available at

Basically, Meadowhell, Spring Heeled Jack, Football Crazy, The Butcher of Banner Cross and Eyam are paranormal mysteries with all the clues to solve the crimes in the comic, the stories aren't for kids, but anybody above fourteen should be fine with the reading age.

Manhattan is Pulp Fiction, Stainless Steel is Historical Steampunk Fiction, while War Nurse is a WWII story and Robin Hood 2020 is a political action thriller.

If you live in or visit, Sheffield UK before Christmas for £2.50 you can get the Graphic Novel versions on CDrom from Rare and Racey, Broomhill's Record Collector and Galaxy 4, Blackwell's on Mappin Street or Sheffield's Space Centre.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Meat is Murder Horror Graphic Novel

The Butcher of Banner Cross: Meat is Murder, has been released as a digital download Graphic Novel exclusively on Amazon Kindle price £3.16 and is also available on kindleunlimited

This is 93 black, white and red pages full of macabre horror murder. 
Murders that leaves London's Police baffled and having to rely on an paranormal investigator,
who is as much of a mystery as the serial killers he pursues.


This Graphic Novel Version is available on Kindle USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, UKGermany, Spain, Italy, France, Brazil, Mexico and India


The three issue narrative is also available as separate comics with the rest of CDComics titles on 

Monday, 22 September 2014

Mr Green Digital Comic

CDComics are digital only and designed to be enjoyed
on your smartphone, tablet, desktop or android device, if you can't wait...
CDComics previous titles are already available to download.

DOWNLOAD WEBSITES: KoboAmazon KindleDrive Thru Comics,

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Digital Comics, Horror, Crime, Superhero and more

CDComics current titles available to download for around just $2/£1.25 or equivalent for 32+ full colour pages of mature reader, horror, mystery, crime, politics and historical narrative.

Alternatively you could choose the Adults Only titles from Unload Comics. This indie comic book company took CDComics, Jungle Jayne rough story and our War Nurse revamp in an whole new direction.

DOWNLOAD WEBSITES Kobo, Amazon Kindle, Drive Thru Comics

You need to visit the Unload Comics blog for sample pages specific release dates, 
but Aten #1 Jungle Jayne #1,  Naked Powers #1 and #2
and War Nurse and Her Commandos #1 are already on sale 
and Amazing-Gil #1 is due out later this month

Friday, 8 August 2014

Download Horror Comics on Kobo

Horror and much more, catch up with the four Surreal Murder Mysteries that have been getting rave reviews or maybe its and alien abduction tale or historical superhero narratives that grab you... Visit this blog for more details, sample pages and the independent reviews.

There's lots of surprises, including appearances by Tesla, Crowley, Stephen Fry, Alan Davis and other historical figures and current celebs, along with domain free fictional characters like Robin Hood and his gang, War Nurse, Carnacki, Richard Hannay and Spring Heeled Jack, plus plenty of OC as well. 

Digital comics to download from KOBO. Read them on your tablet, smartphone, PC or android device and it's only $8.99 a month... Click on the link for CDComics KOBO homepage.

Alternatively, you can download all the above titles direct from the following websites for just $2, £1.25 or equivalent each.